The Turkish Tulip of Miami

For many cities, it is their skylines and the silhouettes that leave a lasting and permanent impression. There is poetry and imagery to a building’s construction. A calculation of not just how it will be built, but how it can change the perception of the city around it. Okan Towers is an evolution of such imagery. Derived from the silhouette of the Turkish Tulip, Okan Towers is an architectural expression that contributes to the multiculturalism of downtown Miami.

The tower consists of 76 stories, 362 Residential Condominium Units, a 300 room, full – service Hotel with extensive amenities and 90,000 square feet of Office space.

Okan Tower is located just west of Biscayne Boulevard, directly on axis with the Port of Miami and the iconic Freedom Tower.  From the water, it’s idyllic location and sprawling height serves to become an “Urban Marker” to the Miami skyline. It is an ingenius level of design, one that separates and expresses the functional vertical elements, separating the primary massing with several open amenities levels. The tower maintains a continuous silhouette whose curved form pulls away from the street, reducing the massing of this 76 – story tower.

The Okan Tower will become a kind of “crossroads” to the pedestrians within this emerging area of downtown Miami. Highlighting its location and orientation is “Okan Tower’s” proximity and connectivity to Miami Dade College, the proposed speed train that connects all the way Orlando, the new Convention Center, and Miami World Center.


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